The Secret Service Agent Who Collared Cybercrooks by Selling Them Fake IDs

Wired: From late 2007 until March 2011, if you were an identity thief or credit card fraud artist in need of a fake ID, your best bet was “Celtic’s Novelty I.D. Service.” From its base in Las Vegas, the online storefront manufactured driver’s licenses for 13 states and shipped them to buyers around the world. No questions asked.

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In2iti0n2779d ago

Total criminals caught plus total crime stopped
- total total criminals enabled plus total crime enabled
= zero.

Zero - millions of taxpayer dollars spent
= millions of tax payer dollars spent

Draper2779d ago

"a four-year investigation resulting, so far, in four federal grand jury indictments against 55 defendants in 10 countries" and "with half the defendants unaccounted for"

...those stats concern me as well.

Not only are half unaccounted for but they are running around with excellent fake IDs. And of those accounted for only 4 grand jury indictments?

So after 4 years we have zero convictions?