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iPhone 5 accounts for half of Apple's smartphone sales, iPhone 4S takes 30%

Apple Insider: With the iPhone 5 taking 52 percent and the iPhone 4S earning 30 percent of sales, the remaining 18 percent were iPhone 4 sales, according to data released on Monday.

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In2iti0n2825d ago

"But but but but but the iPhone 5 isn't selling! It's just the same thing Apple has always made! People don't want rehashes anymore! They're on to your tricks, Apple!"

Ah, remember that in the first quarter it was available? You'd think people that stupid would learn to shut up.

Nucky2825d ago

One possible reason: The 4S does not LACK any of the features of the 5.

In other words, there's nothing the 5 can do the 4S cannot.

fatstarr2824d ago

in other words apple is slowly dying .