Google’s Top Five Data Center Secrets (That Are Still Secret)

Wired: Steven Levy is the first reporter to ever set foot in a Google data center. And in telling the tale, he has a wonderful way of making you feel like you were there too.

“A sign outside the floor dictates that no one can enter without hearing protection, either salmon-colored earplugs that dispensers spit out like trail mix or panda-bear earmuffs like the ones worn by airline ground crews,” he writes. “We grab the plugs. Kava holds his hand up to a security scanner and opens the heavy door. Then we slip into a thunderdome of data….”

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In2iti0n2776d ago

And they're building an army of 10 foot tall giant robots that will enslave us all! Too much secrecy GOOG...too much a cult of "need to know", not trade secrets.

Draper2776d ago

"Yes, GPS devices and atomic clocks."

There's one at every cell site...look for the white upside-down ice cream cone antennae.