Samsung Plans First Broad-Scale North American Developer Conference for October

AllThingsD: Samsung is announcing plans Monday for its largest-yet North American developer conference, a multiday event to take place Oct. 27-29 in San Francisco.
The Korean electronics giant was short on details, saying only that the conference will allow developers to “Engage with industry leaders,” “Collaborate with fellow developers,” “Learn about new Samsung tools and SDKs,” and “Create what’s next.”

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In2iti0n2928d ago

Samsung follows Apple's way...yet again.

Draper2928d ago

So what now, has Apple patented Developer Conferences?

fatstarr2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

they stole the bestbuy deal lol but really bestbuy is just another casual groupie. i cant stand all these no nothing ex apple users casualing up android.

fatstarr2927d ago

Samsung is putting on the big boy shoes now. they better slow down before they collapse to the ground.

i remember when they made shit but i still had faith *cough* omnia