Apple Confirms That Its Dev Center Has Been Breached By Hackers

TechCrunch: After 3 days of silence as to why the iOS Developer Center has been down, Apple has just confirmed that they are investigating a security breach.

According to the email, Apple detected a security breach on its Dev Center servers on Thursday.

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In2iti0n2934d ago

A little bird tells me that the hacker was traced back to a Chinese government building. If true, wouldn't that be interesting?

Draper2934d ago

Looks like China is on the move again...

Nucky2934d ago

Just because it's Apple, doesn't mean they're hacker proof. Start accepting the fact, dear Apple fan-boys.

KingPin2934d ago

the only reason Macs dont get hacked is coz they not as popular as windows pcs. thus making it a waste of time for hackers to go after. their risks outweigh their reward.

its like linux users saying there is no viruses. doesnt mean its 100% safe.
hell, most servers run linux of some sort and get hacked anyways.
macs are no different. as their popularity gains, so will the target on their backs.

apple fanboys need to wake up to this fact.

evil_element2934d ago

@Nucky, tells you how much you know. Go back under your bridge troll.

This attack wasn't on Mac OSX, so stop speaking as it was.

This attack through the internet, with possible DDOS on the Apple website resulting with an attack and breach of a database (i.e mySQL database). Data partially encrypted was taken. Nothing more.

Madusha2934d ago

Not sure if this is true but the guy behind the following video is claiming responsibility for this (