9 ways that 3D printing is going to change business

TheNextWeb: “Things” will no longer be manufactured and shipped to customers. Instead, you’ll purchase designs for everything from glasses to housing, and the input costs of having them printed on site will be cheaper than the current supply-chain process we have today.

Once it becomes more cost-efficient to build this way (and it will) you’ll have an ‘app store’ of objects you can download and print out at your leisure. I believe this will be the biggest revolution since the Internet itself.

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In2iti0n2934d ago

The issue with these articles is the authors do not understand 3d printing, they get this notion in their head that just just press a button and a product pops out. The truth is very different.

While in some distant future it may be true for now you have to deal with limitations of todays machines and the costs involved and most importantly materials.

fatstarr2932d ago

yes its gonna change the world hopefully we get it 100% unadulterated because once regulations come its gonna be very bad.

and also big companies should be banned from selling consumers 3d printed goods that's just my feelings on it.