The Future of Xbox

IGN - Major Nelson took the stage today at San Diego Comic Con to moderate a panel of developers as they talked about the new features of Microsoft's upcoming console, the Xbox One.

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-Mezzo-2775d ago

It's not as dark as it used be a month ago, but still it's need to right a lot of wrongs.

KazumaKiryu2774d ago

A lot of pointless features to be honest.

KingPin2774d ago

so now not only will u have a raging teen swearing you when he's getting his ass handed to him but you can also see his real time facial expression.

yeaahhhhh, no thanks.

also, how about making it realistic. if the guy is a chubby and he's avatar is a chubby aint no way he should have the same speed as a fit athletic guy. maybe this could be incentive for kids to go play outside from time to time. also his weight should be added to the car in forza for example. or would that be discriminating against large gamers? lol