What If You Could See WiFi?

MyDeals: Everybody loves Wi-Fi. Fast why fy, free wee fee, everywhere wireless. But what if we could actually see the Wi-Fi signals we use everyday? What if they covered the world in an electric smoggy haze? Would you still love it? Ah what the hell, probably hell yes.

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In2iti0n2788d ago

I kind of wish we really could see WiFi waves like that. it would make it easier for us to find a WiFi signal.

Nucky2788d ago

This is cool and kind of creepy at the sime time.

Speed-Racer2787d ago

Cool stuff... and that's just WiFi. Imagine signals being transmitted from cell towers, power lines, radio antennae, etc.

fatstarr2787d ago

reminds me of gary from alphas but his was cooler