Android To Get The Ban Hammer In India?

ThatNaijaBlog - Google’s Android operating system which has enjoyed tremendous growth since launch might receive the ban hammer in India.

Telecom Minister of India, Mr. Kapil Sibal insists that Google play store houses too many adult content, more worrisome is that; they are freely available.

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Mounce2924d ago

God, that picture makes me want an icecream sandwich so badly now!

360ICE2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Oh, hell yes. I'm not updating to Jelly Bean.

evil_element2924d ago

1 billion less possible users lol

nix2924d ago

so does internet. that means we ban every possible computer that can connect online? Kapil Sibal is a joke.

kingPoS2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

And to think I thought America was sexually repressed compared to Japan. What does that make of India then. The 'P' may as well be a curse word over there.

sealava2924d ago

and he's the Telecom Minister !
what did he leave for the rest.
closing down one of the most successful and ambitious operation systems in the world . good thinking Telecom Minister.

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