Sony Center employee reveals PS4 release date has been set.

Geek Gamerz - Checking out the latest 4k Television sets from Sony in our local Sony Center, we turned our attention on to the Playstation 4 and it’s capabilities concerning 4k.

When we asked an assistant what content would be available on 4K via the Playstation 4, we were told that we would “Have to wait until November” Wait a minute, Sony have only officially stated a “Holiday 2013″ release window, which while we can assume this might be November, nothing is official. Has the assistant accidentally leaked some inside information to us?

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-Mezzo-2936d ago

This would be awesome, the earlier the better, i cannot wait to receive my Pre-Order.

latinillusion812933d ago

This.would be great. I feel the ps3 had a hard time getting Sells because the xbox had a year head start. Even if it's just a couple.days head start over the xbox I it would be advantage. Especially if ps4 gets exclusive rights to the oculus rift.