New Moon Discovered Around Neptune

Vyralize: The near accidental discovery of another natural satellite found orbiting Neptune brings the planet’s moon count up to a total of 14.

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Anthotis3020d ago

Expect the doomsayer morons to claim it's Nibiru.

RE_L_MAYER3020d ago

I dont remember-look it up it had to do with some weird unknown planet/moon I think

SilentNegotiator3020d ago

It's a weird theory about a planet sized object heading for earth started by a lady that claimed she could communicate with aliens, or something.

DeadlyFire3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

What if the Asteroid belt is Nibiru or Mars even. If the woman's theory is true. Its possible Nibiru or the space rock floating past Mars collided with Earth and couldn't hold itself together at some point. Could have already collided with Earth many millions of years ago.

Could be millions of years before we see any evidence of Nibiru near our solar system. Much of it is unexplored still, but no solid evidence exists just yet.

Pluto is only thing I could imagine in the solar system with evidence of Nibiru existing considering its longer and oddly balanced orbit. We don't know much about what lies around the Ort Cloud past Pluto. Until we see something happen then its not likely people would investigate just yet. Even so considering the length of time between Earth and Pluto it would take 20+ years to reach us either way if it traveled as fast as space shuttle. We would be well aware of it.

To me something is tugging on Pluto's orbit, but there is no evidence to show other than Pluto's shift in front of Neptune in orbit for 20 years every so often. Next fly by of Pluto won't happen until July 2015.

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Phoenix763020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

... it's a Space Station!!!

Norad63020d ago

It's to big to be a space station.

SilentNegotiator3020d ago

Pfft, you ain't know how big them aliens can make space stations.

Norad63019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Reguarding the disagrees:

Wow, people really don't know the dialog from Star Wars do they? LOL

RedHawkX3020d ago

Twilight New moon has been discovered. jacob will not be happy about this nor edward.

Agent_hitman3020d ago

It's a Death Star we've been waiting for and Dart Vader is inside watching us.. And preparing to blast this fvcking earth.

FlunkinMonkey3020d ago

Jesus Chris and Dart Vader - The true evil master minds behind this

SniperControl3020d ago

Soon to be joined by Fluke Skiwalker, Toga and Baba Feet.

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