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Why Doesn't Skype Include Stronger Protections Against Eavesdropping?

EFF: Skype has long claimed to be "end-to-end encrypted", an architectural category that suggests conversations over the service would be difficult or impossible to eavesdrop upon, even given control of users' Internet connections. But Skype's 2005 independent security review admits a caveat to this protection: "defeat of the security mechanisms at the Skype Central Server" could facilitate a "man-in-the-middle attack" (see section 3.4.1). Essentially, the Skype service plays the role of a certificate authority for its users and, like other certificate authorities, could facilitate eavesdropping by giving out the wrong keys.

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In2iti0n2788d ago

You're expecting what from Microsoft now?

Nucky2788d ago

They've pretty much made their bed. Now they can sleep in it. If enough people is conscious enough, and I hope they are.

fatstarr2788d ago

lmao all a ruse to keep sheep at a piece of mind

Nucky2788d ago

Piece of mind, and what happens "behind the scenes" that's something totally different.