Why Startups Are Sporting Increasingly Quirky Names

WSJ: The New York cousins who started a digital sing-along storybook business have settled on the name Mibblio.

The Australian founder of a startup connecting big companies to big-data scientists has dubbed his service Kaggle.

The former toy executive behind a two-year-old mobile screen-sharing platform is going with the name Shodogg.

And the Missourian who founded a website giving customers access to local merchants and service providers? He thinks it should be called Zaarly.

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In2iti0n2787d ago

Quirky start-up names are cool.

... the other reason they exist is that they are the only remaining web domain names.

ComWare12786d ago

Not only do quirly names help with domain name costs, they also help to establish themselves in a prospect's mind. this is particularly important with the amount of information people are exposed to nowadays.
Keep them coming!

In2iti0n2786d ago

But people's minds might also get saturated with quirky names, so they could lose their "advantage" soon.
There can only be so many quirky names you can remember.