Off the Grid: Why I Still Use a Dumb Phone

Greatist: "I seem to be one of four people left on this planet (or at least in this country) who has yet to buy a smartphone. Or at least it can feel that way. In reality, about 50 percent of Americans and 66 percent of adults aged 18 to 29 own smartphones. My own reasons for abstaining are numerous, and range from the practical to the ideological."

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In2iti0n2780d ago

I respectfully disagree with all the reasons cited except for the monetary considerations.

"Being forced" to do something one way or not being able to look something up online is more of an inconvenience to me than it is a way to get me to "connect" to the real world.

Nucky2780d ago

I actually was planning to try using dumb phone for some time, and see how it works out that way. I'm definitely going to do it sooner, after I've read this.