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How to Remove Bloatware on a New Windows 8 PC

Jumpshot: Everyone is aware of the disgusting pre-installed bloatware that OEMs ship on new PCs. Most people never even use the majority of this junk and it ends up cluttering up a perfectly clean system.

Sadly, all evidence suggests that Windows 8 is being treated no differently by the PC Manufacturers. Byte recently looked at a bevy of new Windows 8 PCs and Acer took the award for having the most pre-installed bloatware, a whopping 50 pieces of crud

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In2iti0n2936d ago

Of course Windows is full of bloatware. It always will be, and the only fix for that is to not use Windows.

KingPin2936d ago

its simple, you buy a pc and tell them to put windows 7 for you. thats what i did with my new laptop. now i have a fresh clean install of windows 7 with zero junk.