Why are US cell carriers suddenly pushing you to upgrade faster? For the money

Ars Technica- Within the last week, three of the United States’ four major mobile carriers (Sprint sat this one out) all announced, or are rumored to announce, variations on a theme: upgrade your phone faster, for a price.

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Settler2939d ago

Offcourse money, The answer to 99 out of 100 questions in business is MONEY

Soldierone2937d ago

Tmobile was going to steal their customers, so they jumped ship to make money.

Notice Verizons and AT&T's plans are still rip offs? You technically pay for the phone twice in some cases.

These same two companies not too long ago said they "couldn't afford upgrades" and pushed their "upgrade" time back a few months..... suddenly we can upgrade whenever we want when TMobile offers it.... They rip people off, nothing new. Already planning to jump ship to TMobile when my contract is up.