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Review: Logic Pro X loses none of its power, gains great new features | Macworld

Macworld: Those who’ve seen the Roman numeral X slapped onto Final Cut Pro may approach this release with some initial trepidation. Has Logic Pro been stripped of vital features to make it more accessible to GarageBand users? Is Apple abandoning professional audio engineers and musicians to cater to the prosumer user?

No and no.

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In2iti0n2937d ago

Think Garageband on steroids. This can do everything Garageband can do, plus a whole lot more.

Software_Lover2937d ago

I'm loving the new Cubase 7. I actually like Pro Tools 11 also. It took them long enough to catch up to Steinberg/Apple. The chord track feature in Cubase 7 is great. Never thought about using something like that. Many creative Ideas I have come up with, vocally, using that feature.