Mark Cerny on photorealism and how PS4 can enable greater emotional expression

EDGE - PS4 CGI won’t be indistinguishable from reality, but the leap in tech will enable developers to truly explore the possibilities of emotional expression in games, says Mark Cerny.

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-Mezzo-2932d ago

I'm really optimistic, cannot wait to see what PS4 brings.

CraigandDayDay2932d ago

I can't wait to get mine this Holiday. Pre-ordered through Amazon. Day one shipped. Excited!

Thatguy-3102932d ago

That last scene in The Last of Us where Ellie is starring at Joel is just amazing. Chills run down my spine every time I see that scene. Then there is also the facial expression where Joel is comforting Ellie at the end of the winter chapter. This whole game is literally filled with scenes that pull your heart strings. Just the simple emotion that is shown on the characters faces is amazing. Can't wait to see what the ps4 produces.

Raccoon2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

The seen where joel is being drowned then she shoots and kills the guys and says "not bad huh?" That was awesome!!!