If You Spend More Than 5-Hours On PC, You Need These 4 Exercises

ThatNaijaBlog - In a world where almost everything is done on the internet, the time people spend on their personal computers have increased tremendously. There can be heath complications arising from this singular act, heavy users like bloggers and PC gamers seem to be the most type of users that falls under the “heavy usage” category.

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Soldierone3024d ago

It's 114 degree's outside, and thanks to the tease of rain its really humid as well. I think I'll pass on walking to the store for a month or two lol

andrewer3024d ago

lol wealthy clicking fingers and fast eyes are enough for me

DeadManMcCarthy3024d ago

Sitting down for long periods of time is a lot more dangerous, because it can cause blood clots in your legs which can kill you. Always get up out of your chair every 15 minutes and walk around to get the bloodflow going in your legs.

extermin8or3024d ago

Who the hell gets up every 15 mins... I mean TV shows are longer than that... you don't suddenly see everyone stand up walk around the room before sitting back down again...

DeadManMcCarthy3022d ago

That's what advertisements and pausing the video are for, dope.

extermin8or3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Um no, I guarantee 90% of people do not pause the TV every 15 mins... and adverts are to earn the company airing the channel and making the shows money without you having to pay a subscription fee or to make money ontop of your subscription. besides here in the UK some of the best channels (well all the BBC ones) don't have adverts...and explain the cinema then? No ad breaks in the often 2-3 hour length films... Quick google search shows the risk is only shown to have an increase if you're sitting without moving around much etc for 1 hour-1.5 hours and the risk seems to be larger for women (no idea why).... and you don't need to stand up just move your legs abit and ensure circulation is normal- if you have bad circulation naturally then you're more at risk and need to move more often. Hmmm to think when at school the teachers always used to make out it was a bad thing I couldn't sit still :p and was always sitting on my leg, switching between crossing them and sitting normally etc etc. I think I know where you're 15 min figure is from-it's how often your suppossed to move your legs a significant amount whilst on a plane especially a long haul flight as lower pressure makes blood clotting more likely.