Meet Terry Myerson, the most important man at Microsoft

The Verge: He's in charge of Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox. Can he make it all work?

Myerson had one major victory as mobile chief, which likely paved the way for his promotion. Microsoft managed to build a good, some might say great, mobile operating system, but it didn’t have any killer phones. Furthermore, carriers were promoting Apple and Samsung phones to their customers, leaving Microsoft’s offerings to wither on the shelf.

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In2iti0n2944d ago

A much needed overhaul. What I just can’t get over is what exactly the damn Windows Phone team is doing year round?

The Windows Phone needs massive updates and I see no sign of progress from this team. Why do users have to wait for an update NEXT YEAR?

Nucky2944d ago

Being in charge of Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox at the sime time. Now that must be a lot of pressure.