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Nokia Performing The Impossible: Making Windows Phone Cool

ReadWrite: When Nokia unveiled its brand new hero device, it was very easy to look at the Lumia 1020 as kind of a freak joke of a smartphone. Sporting a 41-megapixel camera that gives the device a significant bump on the back, the Lumia 1020 is hardly being presented as a smartphone at all, but really a camera that can use apps and make phone calls.

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In2iti0n2787d ago

Same thing happened with the Lumia 920. Had the same buzz.
Great phone. Trash OS. End of story.

Nucky2787d ago

I wouldn't quite say they're the same, and they certainly will not have the same fate.

I do agree with the thing about the OS, however.

In2iti0n2787d ago

Well, that "thing about the OS" is exactly what makes them the same. Figuratively speaking at least.

Nucky2787d ago

That "Figuratively speaking" is exactly what makes them different. Take that.

andungtaz2786d ago

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