Is Android fragmentation over with Jelly Bean's rise? Nope

CNET - For the first time in years, the most widely used version of Android also happens to be the newest. That's good news for developers, but Android is more complicated than one bar chart.

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evil_element2788d ago

What people miss is if you work for an agency as an developer.

You have a client who wants an app for their business for Android, iOS and Windows phone.

We can create an app easily enough on iOS because simulations and tools are all from Xcode.

Android the same but out of the 1,000 + devices, we can show them how there app will truly look. (That's the mega issue, as if business/companies can't see the final product. They may choose not to have an app developed full stop).

Window - No one's taking that platform that seriously.

App developments a serious business. Average app project starting price $5000. I speak with knowledge on this because I am a developer. I spend days programming and working with simulations and not knowing how something looks or functions. Defeats development.