190° | iOS 7: Saying "No!" to Copycats! - At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Jony Ive explained the new iOS for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. In the video that introduced the new iOS, Ive has stated that to existing users of Apple that the system will be very familiar and yet a completely new experience. As one of the forefront companies of mobile devices, Apple has claimed to be releasing its very first iOS that will be more difficult to copy by competitors like Google, and Samsung, than ever before.

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ObstructedViewsNet2791d ago

I love this phone but I am going to get a Note 3 when that arrives!

evil_element2791d ago

OS's are becoming more and more amalgamations of others. That saying they pick and choose features from competitors and package them differently.

Then there's Windows 8, which amalgamates crap.