Xbox One Pre-Orders Sold Out at Best Buy

IGN: Best Buy has exhausted its stock of Xbox One pre-orders and is no longer accepting online purchases. Best Buy’s product page for Xbox One notes that the console is “Sold Out Online” and currently does not allow customers to complete a purchase for the system.

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ChrisW2791d ago

Xbox One and PS4 will both be sold out... Guaranteed!

The only winner of the launch will be the one who manufactures the most.

evil_element2791d ago

Sure about that, could it be Microsoft bought its own stock from retailers.

Like Microsoft state 100 million Windows 8 have been shipped.

What they mean is 30 million sold 70 million lying in stores around the world.

adorie2790d ago

I wonder if that also includes OEM inside preconfigured laptops and computers, etc.

ChrisW2789d ago

Just like MS with Win8, I recall when Sony tried listing numbers shipped as numbers sold for their PS3...

Most of us consumers aren't that stupid. We know very well that shipped and sold are two completely different things. Shipped essentially means that the retail store purchased them from the distributor, and sold means that those retail stores sold them to customers... Which to us consumers means more than anything else.