AT&T to anonymously sell customer location data to deliver more customized ads.

Vyralize: AT&T will be using customer’s location data to develop more personalized ads and products for its various market segments.

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aviator1892794d ago

I hate it when companies do this.

pompombrum2794d ago

Google already does this or at least my android phone did.. should be made illegal imho or made extremely easy for people to opt out from.

SnakeCQC2794d ago

i posted this story 3 days ago

Soldierone2794d ago

You know, all these major companies do this supposedly to "make better ads" yet it NEVER works for some reason? Facebook has been doing it for years and I still get ads to stuff I'll never use in a million years.

Bimkoblerutso2794d ago

What's funny is that they play it off as though ads are made for our we just dislike ads because they're not advertising things that we would buy.

Soldierone2793d ago

In reality, they are just tracking what you do and how you avoid the ads. That way they can figure out new ways to get you to see them.

-Entering codes after a 30 second commercial
-Ads on your FB timeline, instead of on the side
-Fake news stories on Yahoo


SilentNegotiator2793d ago

Targeted ads are getting creepier and creepier. I swear to god, anything I watch on Netflix becomes a recommended category of videos on Youtube, even when I watch 5 minutes of it and stop watching because it sucks.