What message do you think Samsung is trying to convey in its Icelandic advertisement?

PhoneArena: Okay, we are not seriously asking because once you watch the video below you are going to understand immediately what the final message is meant to be, even if parts in the middle escape you.

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Bimkoblerutso2803d ago

Apples don't make good phones....?


evil_element2802d ago

Apples don't make good phones - so true.


Apple do make good phone.

SJIND2803d ago

Mmmmm, red delicious...

hazelamy2803d ago


i don't think they'd get away with that ad in the US.

what the hell was with the dancing ninjas and the goat though? o_O

n4f2802d ago

nothing is better than a good competition.
the real winner should be the user

LOL_WUT2802d ago

That Apple is better ;)

Iceland2802d ago

I feel like I should understand.

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