Mastercard and Visa Start Banning VPN Providers

TorrentFreak: Following the introduction of restrictions against file-sharing services, Mastercard and Visa have now started to take action against VPN providers. This week, Swedish payment provider Payson cut access to anonymizing services after being ordered to do so by the credit card companies. VPN provider iPredator is one of the affected customers and founder Peter Sunde says that they are considering legal action to get the service unblocked.

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In2iti0n2943d ago

I'm pretty dismayed to read this. If you regularly connect to random wireless networks in cafes and hotels, you're a moron if you don't connect through a VPN.

If you're not connecting through a VPN all your non-SSL/TLS traffic is available for reading for whatever bored cracker has found his way onto the router. Plus, not all sensitive sites implement SSL/TLS and those that do often implement it poorly.

Not to even speak of the whole NSA spying thing.

Nucky2943d ago

You can't quite skip the "whole NSA spying thing" even if you used VPN.

garythetechnut2943d ago

This is a ridiculous move by the credit card companies...

Draper2943d ago

They're gonna start seeing consequences soon enough.

In2iti0n2943d ago

Well, if they don't, that would mean they can do whatever they please with their users. And that's never good.

Soldierone2942d ago

NSA probably said something to them....

kingPoS2942d ago

I think they were lobbied (with a blunt clubs) into singing a different tune regarding VPN's. It all sounds so heavy handed.

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