How To Connect PS3 Controller To Samsung Galaxy S4

ThatNaijaBlog - Unlike iOS, Android will let you use third-party hardware on your device. The PS3 Dualshock 3 controller can easily be connected to your Samsung Galaxy S4. This way, you can enjoy HD gaming in the company of your favorite gaming controller. The controller works like a charm once integrated with your Android powered device.

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IceKoldKilla2799d ago

Nice! I'll try it out! The only thing I use my DS3 for other than for my PS3 is my PC. Been doing it since I had my Sixaxis with my 60GB. First drivers were made by some Japanese guys then Americans did it. I still remember having to translate websites to learn how to use the drivers but it's easy after the first time. I've played many PC games with it but some suck or don't support it.

iNFAMOUZ12799d ago

oh hell noo, ill never connect my beautiful galaxy s4 to that hideous thing, nuh uh

boing12798d ago

You showed us your taste by saying S4 is beautiful. No further comments.

SnakeCQC2793d ago

whats wrong with the s4?

boing12798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )


mcstorm2798d ago

I did this on my Xoom when I had it and worked well I now do this on my surface with the xbox Wi-Fi dongle and 360 controller and they work really well on some games.