The budget iPhone needs to look hideous

BGR: Pictures of candy-colored entry-level iPhones with rounded corners have started circulating. Many have branded them hideous atrocities that look crude and tacky. They need to be. Apple is facing a unique dilemma.

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In2iti0n2803d ago

That's sort of funny, since most iPhone owners have hideous cases that hide the beauty of the device anyway.

Nucky2803d ago

In an ironic twist of fate, Apple has copied Android and its OEM's in EVERYTHING! From 7 inch tablets to 4 inch phone screens to now, cheap plastic and multicolored devices that people will buy in abundance because they are still able to perform as good as a high end device.

Madusha2803d ago

I don't consider responding to what the market wants as copying.

Apple is simply catering for those who cannot afford the price tag of the expensive new iPhones.

Draper2803d ago

It will be absolutely fascinating to see how the entry-level iPhone is going to be priced and marketed, but it looks like Apple has clearly achieved its primary goal — the new entry-level model looks absolutely hideous to someone who has been using an iPhone 5.