Scientists develop Low power Wi-Fi that can ‘see’ people through walls and doors

Vyralize: A scientist at MIT has come up with a way to use Wi-Fi signals to ‘see’ through walls and closed doors.

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cheetorb2948d ago

Great, only a matter of time before Big Brother gets his filthy hands on it.

stuna12948d ago

Where do you think they got the funding from?

These are dark days indeed! I'm sure no one will do a study on whatever ill effects it have on human biology, if it travels through solid objects, it'll pass through the human body as well. Hell we have no real clue as to the damage any of these different wavelength frequencies and radiations were surrounded by daily.

360ICE2948d ago

Normal wifi signals travels through the human body. There's been plenty of research done on that field. Not all of it pleasing.

Bimkoblerutso2948d ago

Let them will only excite me further.

SilentNegotiator2948d ago

I think they already have the tech to look through walls...

andron2948d ago

This reminds me of this book:

It takes this concept to the extreme and it's not pretty...

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