Iranian scientist claims to have invented 'time machine'

Telegraph: An Iranian businessman claims to have mastered time with a machine that allows users to fast forward up to eight years into the future.

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In2iti0n2799d ago

It's not a time machine it's just something which predicts the future. There's a woman on Blackpool prom who does this with a crystal ball.

Nucky2799d ago

At least he’s been working on it for more than 8 years, so he can start testing predictions. I wonder how much he’s made playing the stock market. 98% accurate prediction would be way better than the average punter.

imXify2799d ago

How about some lottery numbers ? :P

extermin8or2799d ago

Hmmm now if I ignore my urge to laugh at it and look at it from the perspective of someone with and interest (About to continue studying physics) and logically I'd love to know how he claims it works. Also just abit of logical thinking-if everyone can 'know' their future, and he reckons governments could prepare-despite all other evidence pointing towards if you knew what was going to happen anything you did to prevent it being more likely to just cause it. Well then that's not very useful to ganyone-hoe msny proplr eould be driven mad by knowledge of the inevitable events approaching they can't change and infact I do believe the quantum entanglement "could you prevent yourself from existing" experiment would say that nothing you do could change the future because then you'd be changing the past that caused you to act in the 1st place... So even if it worked It'd be useless. Anyway I might be thinking abut this abit too deeply.

In2iti0n2799d ago

You said "I might be thinking abut this a bit too deeply." I say the word "might" has no need to be in that sentence.

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