Apple Seeks to Trademark ‘IWatch’ in Japan for Devices

Bloomberg: Apple is seeking a trademark for “iWatch” in Japan as rival Samsung readies its own wearable smartphone device.

The maker of iPhones is seeking protection for the name which is categorized as being for products including a handheld computer or watch device, according to a June 3 filing with the Japan Patent Office that was made public last week.

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In2iti0n2797d ago

Still waiting for their Google Glass equivalent. The iPatch.

Nucky2797d ago

This means they admitted that they will be releasing an iWatch as everyone suspected. Apple can't seem to make anything stay secret these days...

evil_element2796d ago

Most likely the iwatch name was acquired to stop companies using it for other platforms.

Nucky2796d ago

Maybe, but would Apple really ignore the rise of the smartwatch market? Sony made one, Samsung is making one, and these rumors have to hold some water for Apple too. They NEED one.

Draper2796d ago

Actually, that would be highly unlikely. Most likely it's for the obvious reason.

In2iti0n2796d ago

I think they don't want to keep it secret. They love when these little information leak to public and gives them free exposure and marketing throughout the blogosphere.

evil_element2795d ago

Apple pride them selves on secrecy. Anyone caught leaking details, results in instant sacking.

@In2iti0n - You talk some bull, sometimes. Drop the image of dead man. It doesn't make your comments smart or intelligent.

In2iti0n2795d ago

@evil_element - Sure, that's the official attitude of Apple. But "official" so often equals to "superficial". There's so much below the surface, and it makes so much sense to not be able to see it.