Facebook Shadow Profiles: What You Need to Know

Mashable: "Facebook shadow profiles. You may have seen the term crop up on tech news sites this week, and it may given you the feeling it's a nefarious privacy violation — or the first fun feature that Facebook has introduced in years.

But, seriously: Are shadow profiles real? Do I have one? Are they bad?

If you use Facebook, then the answer to all three of those questions is "yes." Let's take a trip into the shadowy recesses to learn more."

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In2iti0n2800d ago

I have 10+ fake Facebook accounts, with 5k friends each. - For different purposes.

Facebook thinks it has me figured out.

Facebook, you mad bro?

fatstarr2799d ago

so basically a botnet of information gathering because the weak links in your network sniched on you unknowingly.

lol brilliant.

still id like to know how google knows my debit card number and I havent given it to them nor entered it for anything google related...

febreeze12799d ago

It's google. But seriously, that's weird.

In2iti0n2799d ago

It gets creepier every day.