Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A Released, Features Snapdragon 800 and 150Mbps Network Speeds "Samsung recently released the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A SHV-E330S, world’s first smartphone to feature LTE-A or LTE Advance technology. Not only that it is capable of up to 150Mbps connection speeds, which is 2x faster than your regular LTE connection, it is also powered by a Quad Core Snapdragon 800 processor. See more details below."

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imXify2812d ago

150mbps...isn't that overkill ? Why this when there's a really low cap limit ?

s8anicslayer2812d ago

I read that this was going to be released in S. Korea

rpgenius4202811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Get Straight Talk son unlimited talk text and internet $45 unless you knownsomeone who works at walmart then you get it for $40. You can use any phone they have a sim card pack for att and tmobile.

hadouken0072811d ago

I thought that straight talk wasn't doing that no mo?

sourav932811d ago

So Samsung just alienated all the early adopters of the S4 by bring out another S4 with better internal specifications. Great job Samsung. Great job.

Cernunnos2811d ago

Thats the way technology works. This model is also currently only for South Korea.

sourav932811d ago

Yes, but not with the same (or almost the same) model, within a span of two months. Last year, there was only one S3, which was trumped by the Note II. But look at it now. So you can see the reason for my frustration.

KrimsonKody2811d ago

I know where to possibly buy one (in the US) once it's released.
But what I wanna know is will I be able to use it here, under a AT&T network, with a sim card.
I would sure love to have a red one.