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NeverWet, the chocolate syrup, mustard repelling spray now on sale

Vyralize: Are you one to make a mess on your brand new clothes? Why not try NeverWet, a spray-on coating that repels water, mud, and other liquids.

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Gondee2807d ago

Finally!!!! I remember seeing this years ago. I think im going to order a kit see how it goes.

Sarobi2807d ago

So if someone was to spray enough of this inside and outside of their PC, would it make it water proof?.. enough to sbumerge under water?

Old McGroin2807d ago

Why would anyone want to submerge their PC underwater? Think it would look cool as a show piece to have your PC in your fish tank? Actually...

Sarobi2807d ago

Absolute water cooling!

Speed-Racer2807d ago

Not too sure if that's a good idea.

boing12807d ago

So, how to wash a t-shirt treated with NeverWet?

FragMnTagM2807d ago

I don't think you would have to... nothing sticks to it, so in theory you wouldn't have to until the coating comes off. That is, if it was applied right and completely covered the shirt.

Tsuru2807d ago

sweat wouldn't even stick to it. It says it keeps it clean, dry, and bacteria free, thus it will not get dirty. Unless you only coated the outside, then thats a different story.