Xbox One: 30 Days Of Negative Brand Momentum

ThatNaijaBlog - Here are few things that have been said about the Xbox One. I do not know how many gadgets have survived this intensity of Negative PR, but Microsoft has got a stack load of cash to spend in advertisement, whether or not that will help remains a mystery.

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KingPin2807d ago

microsoft had some good ideas. too bad technology is not on their side. <before you disagree, let me explain>

the ideas they had about game sharing, always online, no used games would all be well if the system was equivalent to a SNES in todays age.
-where games didn't cost 60bux but rather 2-5 bux. i doubt anyone would really worry about selling their used games then.
-where downloading a full game takes a mere 2 mins coz its only 3MB in size.
-to have it always online so that your games are always available to share with friends.

what i don't agree with is the constant 24 hour checkups. thats BS anyway you look at it.

but they had to do a full u-turn after getting their asses handed to them by sony.

however, there were a few people here that said "the xone is the future" so why doesn't microsoft give its consumers the option of which one they wanna use. give them what they advertised as one option and give them what they ask for as the other. problem solved.

although i must say, im more impressed with the PS4, hardware and games, so no secret where money is going.

proudly_X2807d ago

I like your points, but MS failed in understanding consumers behaviour.

Had Sony went the path of pro-DRM, the story would have been entirely different. That's the beauty of competition.

Gaming consoles after next-gen will most likely incorporate what MS has brought to the table, but at that time, a vast majority of remote areas in the world will have fast internet connection.