Deconstructing iOS 7

Everyday Digitals - In the introduction video of iOS 7, head designer, Jony Ive talked about creating "distinct, functional layers to help establish hierarchy and order". You don't really grasp the meaning of that until you begin to use the operating system.

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fatstarr2810d ago

too much iss given to this than its worth.
they did nothing. yet ive already seen 200 articles on it.

evil_element2810d ago

Have you used it?

Have you read the developer documentation?

fatstarr2809d ago

ive used it, ive talked to 5 people
Ive seen it lag on a iphone 4

and ive laughed in all their faces when they are sad and they want to go back to the previous version.

evil_element2809d ago

@fatstarr That tells me how little you know. So you troll with 1/10 of the knowledge about it.

Boast to others how big your ego is and how you live your life always being right?

Sounds like your have a career cut out in troll world.