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Huawei Ascend P6 is the world’s thinnest phone at 6.2mm

ChipLoco: Huawei might not be the most renowned name in the world of smartphones, but the Chinese Networking firm has been making steady strides in this area. They’ve just announced the new flagship called Ascend P6 and it’s already breaking a few records. The Ascend P6 is the thinnest phone money can buy.

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AliKamranCL2965d ago

Looks nice. Wonder why Huawei phones are not popular when they offer excellent features.

fatstarr2965d ago

because its a no name brand in the states.

where Samsung and HTC and Nokia and Apple basically rule the smart phone domain.

AliKamranCL2965d ago

Thats the thing, people go for brands only while other companies offer something much better in a low price too.

mrbearbear2964d ago

I thought there was also issues getting them in the states?