How to Get (Nearly) Stock Android on Any Phone, No Rooting Required

Lifehacker: Recently, Google fans finally got what they've wanted since the HTC Hero first came out: stock Android versions of the most popular, non-Nexus handsets. However, if you aren't able to pick up one of those phones, you can still get the stock experience, without having to root your device.

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In2iti0n2820d ago

That whole attempting to separate Android from its services thing... I wonder what the end goal of the project is? Will android transform into a chrome os or firefox mobile type thing?

fatstarr2820d ago

"Obviously, the nuclear option is to root your phone and install a custom ROM that's based off stock Android, like CyanogenMod. We highly recommend doing this" avoid CM for some phones, I have encountered the blackhole memory bug on far too many devices or the class 10SD headache.

IMO this was more like the casuals guide to skinning your android to default.