Samsung Galaxy S4 sales estimates cut by 30 percent

Firstpost- Analysts fell under Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s marketing spell when they made what they now admit were hopelessly optimistic forecasts for its smartphone sales.

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EzioFan2166d ago

Samsung created a lot of hype over S4. But it still has a lot of problems. Even after that, I know quite a few people who bought the device, but it's not as amazing as I thought it would me.

fatstarr2166d ago

I honestly cut out all that bs, i was more in for the phone for the specs instead of all this casual Air zoom and bla bla nonsense.

Revvin2166d ago

I'd swap my iPhone 5 for one, Apple seem to be a little lost after Jobs died

fatstarr2166d ago

they got too cocky and confident, they didnt see the main niche that pushed them to the top, they neglected the loyal firsters and decided to go for the casuals which is always a bad idea. never build something around someone who doesnt have a mind of their own.