How to Swim With Your Smartphone

Mashable: You already listen to music while you jog — why not submerge yourself in tunes while you swim? We've collected 10 waterproof accessories that will protect your smartphone from certain underwater death.

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In2iti0n1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I think this is too much trouble to go through just to be able to listen to music while swimming.

wannabe gamer1952d ago

why not just get a cheapo mp3 player and NOT risk ruining a device that costs hundreds of dollars

fatstarr1952d ago

this right here ^^, but its all about image and simplicity in the life of a casual, they only need one device instead of several awesome devices.

fatstarr1952d ago

1. swimming and listening to music is like the most dangerous thing you can do.

2. if Im going in the water and I want to keep my phone with me I make a 7 layer zip lock bag to hold it. its that simple.