Linux has better hardware support than OS X

Virtuous Code: "Like most nerds I know, I don’t mind disagreement, but something in me just can’t stand a poor argument. And thus it is that I feel compelled to write about one such argument. The one that goes:

I’d use Linux if the hardware support was as good as OS X.

This is (usually) a bullshit argument. Here's why." ~ Avdi Grimm

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In2iti0n2168d ago

I see what you're getting at. Yes, Linux gives you much more choice when it comes to hardware. But on the other hand, OS X just plain works. When I upgraded my MacBook Pro from 10.7 to 10.8, the audio continued to work, as did the brightness hot keys on the keyboard.

Compare that with my Lenovo X230 - after a similar upgrade, Pulse stopped playing audio, the brightness keys went from 16 levels of brightness to 2, and the machine no longer woke from sleep reliably. Fixing the issues required a new kernel, some kernel arguments, a driver recompile, and some config tweaks.

And *that* is why I no longer use Linux as my daily OS.

Gondee2167d ago

considering apple only builds a few computers, all of which originate on the same few crop of internals. It doesn't need broad support, nor would it be or any use

In2iti0n2167d ago

Except that it would help the people who build HAckintoshes. But of course, Apple doesn't want that. Therefore...