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Apple's New iPhone Software: Redesigned, With A Lot Of Features Copied From Android

Business Insider - If you're unfamiliar, iOS 7 is a top-to-bottom redesign of the current version of the software. All the apps like Calendar, Mail, and Weather have new looks and new icons. The background wallpaper moves with you if you swivel your iPhone in your hand. Colors are brighter and shapes are smoother.

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KingPin2169d ago

maybe now google, MS and RIM should jump on the lawsuit bandwagon.
just for the hell of it.

mahmoods262169d ago

Yes I know its copied from Android but its still a big step forward from Apple which has been stagnant for years. Also its not like Google doesn't copy from Apple. Google Voice anyone? Just accept that competitors will copy each other, its up to each of them to come up with stuff that makes their phones better.

steven83r2168d ago

Umm did you seriously just say Google Voice is copied from Apple? Hahahaha. Wow. Google has been using Voice on PC years Before Apple ever introduced the Iphone. And Siri was bought from another company not invented by Apple.

aslucher2168d ago

I think he was meaning google now. The assistant. Don't be so sheltered Android itself was purchased by google.

steven83r2168d ago

Even Google now isn't a rip off of Apple. Google also had the assistant before Siri. Ya except Android got better with Google and Siri went downhill. Even Steve Woz said Apple ruined Siri.

steven83r2168d ago

The point is Apple sued everyone stating they invented all the shit in the IP. Yet not stole all of Androids features and will probably sue Google and others stating they thought of it first but didn't want to use it yet.