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Your Android device is not the place to store your photos

AndroidCentral: No matter if you have 64GB SD cards, or 64GB of free space on your phone, or even just 2GB of free space, don't use it to store all those pictures and videos you'll never be able to get back if you lose them.

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In2iti0n2171d ago

If you use Dropbox there is a setting to upload each pic as it's taken.
Same for Google+.

Some other cloud providers offer the same options

Speed-Racer2170d ago

Yup, that's what I use as well for all my photos. Best feature ever.

In2iti0n2170d ago

The best, and, at least for me, it's really enough as far as this goes. No need for more complicated systems and procedures.

Nucky2171d ago

So many people are doing this so wrong...

In2iti0n2170d ago

Exactly. But all of them learn the lesson eventually.
That usually happens after they lose some really valuable photos that were located only on their phone.

kingPoS2170d ago

There's nothing better than a dedicated camera. With a smart phone you never know if your pics are being secretly uploaded.

With mobile apps, there's a lot of detail in the TOS that's normally glossed or outright ignored by users.

In2iti0n2170d ago

The thing is, even if you use camera, you still shouldn't keep those photos on it. The same rules apply for camera too. Backup is key, if you don't want to eventually lose your precious photos.

Nucky2170d ago

Oh, come on... Your photos secretly uploaded? Who cares about a photo of your dog, and why would they go through that trouble to do that?

This NSA situation is making everyone paranoid I guess.