Xbox One Games At E3 Were Running On Windows 7 With Nvidia GTX Cards?

Gaming Blend: You know how EA's COO Peter Moore told Geoff Keighley during the post-conference interview at E3 that the games they were showing off on stage were running on comparable dev kit specs to the actual home consoles?
Well...that's not really true. What is true, however, is that to get the best performance on home console games, Microsoft made sure that they were running on the most stable system specs available on the market and in some cases that may have been an HP powered, Windows 7 system with Nvidia's 700 series GTX GPU.

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In2iti0n2617d ago

I don't get it, did they run a drunk bet in Microsoft's offices, to see who could manage to screw up more?

Cueil2616d ago

wasn't Microsoft choice... the developer made that choice... Jonathan Blow is just blowing this shit out of proportions and then insulted developer after he told him the truth... then the Harmonics devs got on him since they WERE using Xbone dev kits

Cueil2616d ago

already debunked by the developer of that game... he used that hardware due to stability issues... it was the dev's decision and not Microsoft's