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I Think We Can All Agree This Is Better Than Apple’s iOS 7 Redesign, Right?

TechCrunch: Now that the Apple keynote beer goggles have worn off, the polarizing makeover of Apple’s iOS 7 operating system is starting to sink in. Surely, this is not it? This is not done, right?

Given its “beta” label – which Apple actually uses correctly – there’s a good chance that many of our quibbles with the disjointed OS will be fixed by the time of its public release later this fall. But one of the most upsetting things about the makeover is unfortunately one of the most visible: the icons. They’re inconsistent, they seem rushed, and in some cases, they’re just downright ugly.

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In2iti0n2164d ago

iOS7' icons do need some serious redesign before it launches. Ride on, designers, some of you will get a call from Apple with a job proposal. End of sarcasm.