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Apple said to launch iPhone 5S with new gold color option

BGR: Just one day after BGR speculated that Apple might do away with the “Black & Slate” color option on its next-generation iPhone and replace it with a color combination that includes a light gold-colored metal, a new report claims a gold iPhone 5S is in the works.

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fatstarr2173d ago

it would be a popular color. as learnt from Nintendo, colors make the world go round

Nucky2173d ago

Anything to make apple fans piss their pants.

In2iti0n2172d ago (Edited 2172d ago )

As long as they keep the black one. I've read that they are planning to get rid of the black version, and plan to provide gold and silver iPhone versions instead.

That would suck big time.

fatstarr2172d ago

Lol I can see it now.

"I have a gold iPhone you have the bronze one? How low class "

EzioFan2172d ago

More colours would be nice. But they shouldn't get rid of the original ones

In2iti0n2172d ago

That's what I hope. Because if they do... I won't be buying that new iPhone 5S. Not in a million years, unless it's black.

Vip3r2172d ago

I can see the hipsters foaming at the mouth already for this.

$600+ easily.