The Surest Sign Yet That Apple TV Will Be a Gaming Console

Gizmodo: This week, Apple released its first-ever instructions for designing and developing a game controller for use with Apple products. The evidence suggests that Apple is gearing up take gaming beyond the confines of its products. It's going to condone console-style game development. And today's game controller for iOS 7 could mean that tomorrow's Apple TV is a full-on gaming platform.

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fatstarr3057d ago

it would be easy to get in capitalizing on the xbox ones mistakes. but the market is way too crowded.

also it looks like scrapped wiiu patents. im sure lawsuits will be in order.

In2iti0n3057d ago

The market is crowded. True. However, I'm sure Apple would try to find a different way of implementing this. They can't just make "another gaming console" and expect success, and they know that.

fatstarr3056d ago

I dont think they know that. Especially when tons of sites like the verge support apple no matter what. As a company they will feel them selves too much