1,00,000 Apps Powered By The Parse Of Facebook

Webmuch: The parse service of the world’s largest social network, Facebook, is now getting ready for announcing its recent decision of increasing the power of applications by 1,00,000 count which is an increase of almost 25% of the existing one. The end of April this year has highly recorded the purchase of 2 year old parse by Facebook with $85 million which will serve as the back-end service provider to the mobile app makers.

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EzioFan2168d ago

That is a pretty big number. Facebook's growing at an alarming rate. And to think it would have been content with Facebook Home, although that particular app hasn't been all that successful. But this move should influence developers, since it's going to benefit them.

fatstarr2168d ago

facebook home is sort of successful, its just not catching on like they would have hoped.