Samsung Galaxy S5 to Sport Aluminium Body as a Result to Design 3.0 Direction, Confirms Source

AndroidGeeks: Samsung is already said to be hard at work on its next flagship smartphone. Critics have blasted the company in the past for its excessive use of plastic, which many have argued makes its devices look and feel cheap.
The Galaxy S5 will be part of the company’s “Design 3.0″ strategy and will be the first Samsung smartphone to feature an aluminum body.

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In2iti0n2169d ago

Companies finally starting to actaully listen to consumers.
Apple, and now Samsung... It's a better world already.

fatstarr2168d ago

oh god, hopefully it as a removable backing. and battery and micro sd card.

its too early to be talking about this, the s4 just dropped.

but I can predict the korean s4 will be the new specs for the american s5.

In2iti0n2167d ago

In the report it says that, if Samsung adopts this aluminum body, the battery will not be removable anymore. So, there goes that.

SnakeCQC2167d ago